Breakups are hard. We want to make them easier.

Launching in Late May. Save big on our pre-launch sale.

All-In-One Breakup Pack

Everything You Need To Get It Done And Start Moving On

The Breakup Pack

How To Guide
Our best advice on the when, where, how and why of breaking up.
Pre-Written Scripts
Scripts for you to use in every situation. Whether you do it over text, email, phone calls or in person. We've got your covered. You pick what works for you. There's no judgements here.
Moving On Guide
A little something to get your mind off things, have a little fun and get you moving forward.
1:1 Support
For our pre-launch members you'll get access to exclusive 1:1 chat support to help with role playing, answering questions, a little extra support and more.



Who is this made for?
We're making this to make breakups easier for everyone. No limits and no judgements.
What kind of breakups will this cover?
V1 is for mostly romantic and intimate relationships and situationships.
In the neat future we want to expand into other kinds of breakups like friendships, work/jobs, roommates, divorces and more.
How is this delivered?
Everything will be delivered via email in a PDF format.
Return and Refund Policy?
We will provide a 100% refund as requested within 7 days of purchase.
What is the 1:1 support thing?
For launch we're setting up a space to connect, either in a 1:1 format to chat and get help. Moving forward we're considering a community kind of space in a Discord or Slack style environment.


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